New MV: Schoolboy Q Returns With “Groovy Tony”

groovy-tony-475x475Back in 2014, Schoolboy made a hug impact with his debut project Oxymoron. Fast forward two years and the TDE member returns to the scene with a new single, video and overall alter-ego. “Groovy Tony” is a a grimey, hard-hitting track that finds the rapper repping where he comes from. Over the Tae Beast production, Q reps “thug life,” raps about “punk ass cops” and “crackers,” and slings narcotics. “Step my dollars up to Bill Gates,” he spits. The video, is no different. In the video we meet groovy Tony who takes us to the streets where he comes from. “Groovy Tony” serves as the first single off of Schoolboy Q’s forthcoming sophomore album! By the looks and sounds of it, I would say SBQ is back, with a vengeance! What do you think? Check out Schoolboy Q in “Groovy Tony” below!

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