Sticky Pacaveli Brings ‘Flavors’ To The Rodeo [Review]

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.21.28 AMSticky Pacaveli made his debuted over two years ago with cuts like “White America”, “WWYD” and “Chi-Raq”. After working behind the scenes for more than two years, Sticky Pacaveli brought his new EP Flavors to life with an opening performance at the University of Rhode Island’s Travi$ Scott concert. However, was Flavors worth the rodeo?

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The project appropriately begins with a reflective piece titled “Life On The Line” before picking up the pace on another cut titled “I See”. After warning you and your girl of his group of “Savages”, Sticky Pacaveli turns-up on one of my favorite tracks titled “Covered In Money”. Although I wasn’t at the show, I’m sure that the party goers rodeo goers of the night found themselves working up a sweat with that one! Production takes a creative turn on the projects lead single “Keep Up”. “I can’t keep up, I can’t keep up! Will someone ever show me love? Will someone even give a f*ck,” he spits on the hook. The track features an EDM-felt production from Toyeast and Mike Milas. Before teaming up with Houdini and closing the project with “Confidence”, Sticky Pacaveli reflects on his past while focusing on his future on a cut titled “Till The Die I Die”.

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Overall, Flavors is a well pieced project. After two years in the studio, it sounds like Sticky Pacaveli has finally grasped the overall direction of his artistry. Reflecting on everything from his past, his current lifestyle and his future ambitions, Sticky provides listeners with different flavors as he spits about his life. The production on the project, provided by a handful of producers including Toyeast, Wavy Milo, Omito, DeCandence and  Stunnah Beatz, provides a diverse range of sounds while keeping a steady flow throughout the entire piece. I’m sure that listeners and followers will both be able to enjoy the Flavors of Sticky Pacaveli! Was it worth the rodeo!? From the sounds of it, I’m sure Sticky had enough energy to make the crowd turn-up! Looking for more? Check out Sticky’s website here! Check out Sticky Pacaveli’s Flavors below!

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  1. Ben Darrious Sonquoi // May 28, 2016 at 11:28 AM // Reply

    Vvvvvvv gooood


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