New Music: Drake – “One Dance” ft. Wiz Kid & Kyla + “Pop Style” ft. The Throne

Views From The Six are here!!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.26.45 PMInterrupting our creative Tuesdays comes Drake with two new tracks off of his highly anticipated View From the Six. While the rapper debuted a solo track titled “These Days” last week, the 6 God comes rolling in with two collaborations titled “One Dance” and “Pop Style”. On the first track Drizzy plugs in Kanye West and Jay-Z (aka The Throne) for a hard-hitting celebratory track titled “Pop Style”. While Drizzy raps about trying his hardest for his family, HOV reminds listeners that “they” are still out to get him, and Yeezy takes the “devils out my life” before preaching his gospels.


On the second track “One Dance” Drake changes the momentum on a radio friendly track featuring Wiz Kid and Kyla. On the track, Drake sings about his friendships and why he needs that “one dance” before he goes. “Rips on your legs, front way back way! You know that I don’t play/ Streets not safe but I never run away, even when I’m away,” Drizzy croons over a booming “Find Your Love” reminiscent production. Both tracks are enough to blaze the radio airwaves as fans prepare for the full project. In January, Drizzy announced that Views would be released in April. It marks the follow-up toIf You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, which debuted at No. 1 in February 2015. Are you ready!? Check out both links and listen to both “Pop Style” and “One Dance” now!


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