Suede The DJ Talks DJ’ing vs. Rapping, Debut Album + More [Watch]

IMG_6103Last week we also had Suede The DJ stop by #BennettKnowsRadio in promotion of his debut album Fresh Off The Island. During his undergraduate at the University of Rhode Island, Suede established himself as a well known DJ which brought him back to his roots and love for music. “Being a DJ clarified a lot for me. I was able to understand through the various method of mixing tracks into each other. When you learn how to mix music, you have a greater understanding and then I started producing,” he explained. “It didn’t start off with DJ’ing. It’s really fun because you have control over the show. I plan on using DJ’ing as part of my performance so I can’t chose one, they feed off of each other,” he continued.

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The entire concept of the album is a quad- “The whole concept is that I’m not a U.S. citizen, so I’ve been here for nine years now. I came from St. Lucia to Rhode Island and although it isn’t an actual Island but an actual Island, it’s the only state that has an Island in its name. The base concept, is more or less that I’m taking a step into a new world; the real world. I was fresh off the college campus and entering the “real world” and at the same time Rhode Island is trying to break through,” he explained. Fresh off The Island is a well produced, 14-track project taking listeners through the Island (as Suede see it) which includes past experiences, his current lifestyle and future ambitions. “Fresh Off The Island I felt like I really needed to [focus] on what makes me an artist. It’s all me, every verse, hook and adlib is me. It’s my debut project so I wanted [it to focus on me],” he explained. Fresh Off The Island hit the web March 31st! You can listen to it here! Check out Suede The DJ’s #BennettKnowsRadio interview below!

‘Fresh Off the Island’ Promotional Video 

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