New MV: Iggy Azalea Takes Flight With “TEAM”

Take flight with I-G-G-Y!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.26.51 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.27.32 PMIt’s been a while since Iggy delivered the Clueless-inspired visuals to “Fancy”.  Since then, Iggy has been through alot but now she’s back with a new video titled “TEAM”. On the track, the Australian femcee delivers swag and confidence. “Man, keep up andele, you tryna take flight do as I say/100 plus on the highway, see me in a new Kardash call me Kylie,” Iggy spits over the trap-inspired D.R.U.G.S. production. “Baby I got me, baby I got me! Man, that’s all I need! Baby I got me, only friend l need! Playing on my team is someone like me,” she continues on the hook. In the action packed video, Azalea joins her team to deliver some choreography before vandalizing an aircraft. Right before the Australian MC takes off, the police speed in for a plot-twisting ending. “Team” serves as the fist single off of Iggy’s forthcoming album Digital Distortion.

Iggy Azalea Returns With “Azillion”

“The album has a bit of an electronic, digital influence, so the name fits sonically, but then, of course, topically, we all know the different things that were said about me in 2015,” Iggy told Elle Canada. “Some of them were fair and some of them, I think, were unfair. I just think it’s interesting that we live in this age of digital distortion where we’re all distorting each other and distorting ourselves and our perception of who we all are, and none of it is really accurate anymore.” Are you f*cking with the “Team”? Iggy’s “Team” is due for release in May! Take flight with I-G-G-Y! Check out Iggy Azalea’s “Team” below!

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