New Music: Truth of Aqua Society Returns With New Single “You Ain’t Heard Me”

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 1.47.04 PMTruth The Equalizer of Aqua Society returns to the scene with a new single titled “You Ain’t Heard Me”. On the track Truth sets it off for the PVD Culture with an ode to the city and some hard-hitting verses. “We putting Prov on the map, you ain’t hear me? I got my city on my back, you ain’t heard me? They want to know where I’m at, you ain’t heard me,” he spits over the booming D-Rod production. “Fall back who’s that, he’s too cool to do this he’s to nice to buy that/He’s always working, he ain’t dropping no tracks put a lighter to the match,” he continues. Currently Aqua Society is preparing a new project for later release. Expect a couple music videos and “Memories” featuring Selena Andrea! Until then check out Truth’s “You Ain’t Heard Me” below!

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Truth the Equalizer – “You Ain’t Hear Me”

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