Vick Mucka Talks ‘Eyes Open’, New Music + More [Watch]

FullSizeRender-1Last week Vick Mucka stopped by #BennettKnowsRadio to discuss his new EP Eyes Open and what else he has planned for 2016. Most recently, Vick Mucka has been creating a buzz for Rhode Island with the visuals to the current hit “Lately” featuring King OSF, which currently holds nearly 200K views on World Star Hip Hop and many different other media outlets. Feeding off of the hype of the club banger, Vick hopes to further his brand and entertainment group F1 productions with more EPs throughout the year. “I just want to deliver quality music while staying true to me. [I also want] to provide that relatable experience,” he explained. Vick Mucka’s Eyes Open is inspired by the rapper’s experiences growing up in South Providence, Rhode Island.

Vic Mucka Puts On With New Mixtape ‘Eyes Open

During his interview, Vick Mucka also used the platform to premiere his artist King OSF new single “Oh No” which the duo hope to follow-up later this year. Along with some new EPs, Vick Mucka plans to bring F1 productions to the next level with new visuals, shows and some new apparel! Overall, Vick Mucka has a lot up his sleeves and we’re definitely looking forward to it! Make sure you stay tuned for more music from Vic, King OSF and the rest of F1 productions in the near future! Check out Vick Mucka’s #BennettKnowsRadio interview below! You can check out Vick Mucka’s Eyes Open here!

Vic Mucka – “Lately” featuring King OSF 



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