New Music: Niykee Heaton Presents ‘The Bedroom Tour Playlist’

NupdbIVIf you’ve been on Instagram lately (which you have) you’ve probably come across American singer/songwriter Niykee Heaton and her thirst traps. Most recently, I’ve gotten passed the thirst traps and stumbled upon her smooth and sexy music. Today, the contemporary rock/pop singer released The Bedroom Tour Playlist which compiles remastered material she had previously shared online for free streaming and debuted on the live shows. One of the project cuts that caught my attention is the mesmerizing track titled “Devil”. “We’re the talk of the town! Call me what you want I’m a rebel ’til the devil go down,” she croons over a smooth and daring guitar production. Along with the track comes a dozen other tracks including the “Bad Intentions (Remix)” featuring Migos! Currently the singer is shaping up 2016 to be her breakthrough year under Capital Records. This definitely won’t be the last time you hear (or see) Niykee Heaton! It’s time to get familiar! Check out Niykee Heaton’s “Devil” below!

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