New Music: Benj Delivers R&B Vibes With “Regardless (Interlude)”

Regardless ... know I'm down for you!

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.23.36 PMAfter releasing “Nigga Like Me” earlier this year, Providence native Benj releases a brief interlude titled “Regardless”. “Regardless of the storm you know I’m down for you! / Regardless of whatever, say I’ll ride for you! /Regardless of the circumstances you know I’m down for you,” he croons over the smooth production. The interlude serves as the bridge between “Niggas Like Me” and a forthcoming single due for release this summer. Currently Benj is attempting to pave his way through the music industry with different routes of R&B whether it’s sampled by old artists like Aaliyah or more of the modern production based route. Get ready for a summer full of R&B vibes! Get familiar! Check out Benj’s “Regardless” below!


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