New Music: Khary – “Find Me”

You will not find me ...

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.02.50 AMThe last time we caught up with Providence rapper Khary was over at Trade POP-Up for the Captain Yellow Coat Tour. During our interview, Khary discussed his amazing artistry, the impact New York has had on him and the forthcoming project intern aquarium. Earlier this week, Khary released another buzz single titled “Find Me”. “Got oxygen in my lungs and a three point stand so when they shoot that f*cking gun you will not find me / When my album drops … when I leave that doc … punching in the clock … when they kicking rocks, you will not find me,” he spits over the Lege Kale production.

“The song is about trusting yourself. Having the confidence to trot down your own path without caring what other people are doing or even knowing what’s on the other side. I used to wait for others to validate me and that mentality held me hostage at square one. I had to validate myself,” he explained in an interview with Pigeons and Planes.

intern aquarium is due for release later this year! Check out Khary’s “Find Me” below!


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