New Music: All That Val Follows Up With New Single “Why”

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After creating a buzz with the debut single “BAD” and calling into #BennettKnowsRadio to discuss her relationship with Providence, AllThatVal returns to the scene with a new single titled “Why”. “I don’t want to wait to long cause my feelings way too strong. Please don’t wast another day, I’m ready to walk away,” she croons. “Why would you lie? Why would you try? I was better off not worrying and holding down my own,” she continues. “It’s an in your feelings type record, a grab your ice cream record, a think about your ex type of record,” she explained. With the new single, she plans to follow “BAD” with a track that showcases a vulnerable side. “I want people to see that I’m diverse and I could do different things,” she continued. AllThatVal has a lot up her sleeves and we’re definitely looking forward to it! What do you think? Listen to AllThatVal’s “Why” and don’t forget to sound off in the comment box below!

AllThatVal – “Why”

AllThatVal Talks “BAD”, New Music + PVD on #BennettKnowsRadio

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