#BennettKnowsRadio Covers #OnTheComeUp2 [Exclusive]

IMG_2918On Sunday March 11th, B08s Studio presented the second installment of their ongoing On The Come Up creative showcase at the Avenue Concept  in Providence, Rhode Island. The show, hosted by DJ and Maddie D from #ThePlugRadio, featured interviews with Gibran Borbon, Smooth Cats, Jay Fuentes, Iris Creamer and performances from Yami Ceasar, Ragz Da Artist, Spocka, Jay Notes, Waterz and Lunch Bagg. What makes this showcase one-of-a-kind is the audience who tunes in through the UStream live-broadcasting service. A brilliant idea leaving everyone involved delivering Rhode Island’s hometown vibes to a peaking 600 viewers throughout the world. During the first half of the show #BennettKnowsRadio was able to sit down and catch-up with a few members involved in the overall production.

#BennettKnowsRadio Covers #TheComeUpPVD [Exclusive]

We kicked off our interview with the show’s hosts DJ and Maddie who discussed their duties as hosts. “It’s a different type of event because we’re online and in person so it’s super live right now,” Maddie explained. After talking to them, we caught up with Jay Notes of B08s Studios explained what it takes to put together the live production. “We’re really meticulous [with the process]. One thing that’s dope about us is that we’re not biased and we’re not judgmental on people and their music. We try to work with everybody and we try to have new acts on every event so we’re not playing favoritism,” he explained. One of the artists we were introduced to was a local creative named Yami Ceaser. “I feel like I had something to prove tonight. I’m the youngest dude here. [My crew and I] felt like we were the new kids on the block so we really had to turn-up and show them something,” new comer Yami Ceasar explained. “I wan’t to make people proud of Providence,” he continued explaining his goals for 2016. Another artist we were introduced to during the show was an R&B cat named Ragz Da Artist. In 2016 Ragz hopes to deliver some new school, R&B vibes for the summer with an anticipated new project titled Everything Is Everything. “You could I expect real dope records with an R&B feel to them, a harmonizing feel. it’s just newer an amnionic type feel,” he proclaimed.

#BennettKnowsRadio Covers Beautiful Silence’s Home Grown New England

Luis of B08s Studios ended our interview with a powerful message discussing the power of collaboration and the art of economy. “The purpose behind B08s is that we love local business and we really strive on being conscious on where you’re dollars are going. [We’re using the profits to update our equipment so we could make you better.] The more people we get, the bigger our venue will become … I want people to realize that  they could actually help their community,” he explained. Overall, great event that will continue to grow and showcase up and coming artists that are adding to the rich PVD culture. Big shout out to B08s Studios for putting together such an amazing showcase! Check out interviews and photos from the event below!

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