New Music: JonHope – “Hope AF” + “Esperanza”

Jon HopeWithin the past week, Providence rapper Jon Hope released two new tracks in celebration of his birthday. The first track “Hope AF”, Harry takes on Pusha T’s “Untouchable”. “They say my revenge got a loud choir/ sweet serenade, I burn with a proud fire,” he spits over the booming production. “Cause if real took a selfie, then you would see me / Sophisticated ratchet, bougie with a degree,” he continues. On the second track, “Esperanza”, Harry takes on J Cole and Kendrick Lamar’s latest cut “Black Friday”. “I remember when you left me on the bike path / had to learn how to ride myself, live life myself, you thought that I would die myself? I splash you with my tears this is how I felt! / Now I dress for success, n*gga where’s my belt,” he professes. Both tracks are hard hitting, meaningful renditions of modern-day hip-hop. Between hosting Providence College basketball games and repping for RIPTA, Jon Hope is preparing a few new projects for that #JonHopeXperience! As always, looking forward to more! Check out both “Hope AF” and “Esperanza” below!

Jon Hope – “Hope AF”

Jon Hope – “Esperanza”

Jon Hope Talks Remixes, New Music + More On #BennettKnowsRadio


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