WizKhalifa’s ‘Khalifa’ Is Not ‘K&OJ2’ But It’s Buzz Worthy [Album Review]

'Khalifa' is no 'Kush & Orange Juice 2' but it'll do ...

wiz-khalifa-khalifa-coverUpon an amazing year; releasing the third installment to his Cabin Fever series and the #1 single of 2015 with “See You Again,” Wiz Khalifa kicks off 2016 with a new EP titled Khalifa. Upon the announcement that the Taylor Gang rapper would be making his return with Rolling Papers 2, fans became excited embracing singles such as “Burn Slow” featuring Rae Sremmurd and “King Of Everything”. However, things took a turn when Wiz released  the widely-claimed single “Bake Sale” with the announcement of the new project. Khalifa opens up with “BTS” and “Celebrate” featuring Rico Love which appropriately sets the pace of the project. Wiz then takes us on a mellow journey into his current life of women, marijuana and money with tracks such as “Elevated” and “City View” featuring Courtney Noelle. Before teaming up with Travis $cott for “Bake Sale,” Wiz delivers one of his most mature tracks to dat with “Cowboy”. On the next track, “Call Waiting,” the Wiz actually croons to his lover with charm and unexpected vocals; something new and different for the Pittsburgh rapper. Other notable tracks include “Zoney,” a smooth, heart-felt track featuring his son Sebastion and my favorite track, “Lit” featuring the ever-so-popular Ty Dolla $ign. Before closing out on a high note with “iStay” featuring Juicy J, Wiz plugs in Chevy Woods for a had-hitting track titled “No Permission”. Overall, Khalifa is not the Kush & Orange Juice sequel we’ve all been waiting for. Neither is it the hard-hitting Blacc Hollywood follow-up we expect. However, Khalifa is just enough to provide fans with new tunes to roll-up to while feeding on the momentum of an amazing year. While singles like “King Of Everything”  and “Burn Slow” didn’t make the cut this time, they may match our anticipation on Rolling Papers 2 later this year! Check out Wiz Khalifa’s Khalifa below!

Wiz Khalifa – “Bake Sale” featuring Rae Sremmurd


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