New Music: Meek Mill Fires Back At Drake With “War Pain”

meek-mill-4-4-pt-2Drizzy Drake wasn’t the only one to fire shots over the weekend! Meek Mill may have out smarted the Toronto rapper when he released “War Pain” less than an hour after Drake released “Summer Sixteen”. “See an OVO chain, probably take that shit,” he raps, while once again making ghostwriting claims. “You ain’t writin’, ni**a, we caught ya / Can’t erase that shit and you claiming you Hov now? / Why you state that shit?” He didn’t stop there, he continued to roast the Toronto rapper, “Ni**as be talking out their face, but soon as you body something, they be singin’ like they Drake / Ni**as dancin’ like they fruitcakes / ‘Hotline Bling’ don’t get no bang up in this new Wraith.”

New Music: Drake Promises Revenge With New Single “Summer Sixteen”

The track is a cut from 4/4 Part II which features collaborations with Future, Dave East, and Omelly, with production from Beat Bully, Ben Billions, Chopsquad, and MandoFresh. Upon the release of 4/4, I commented that Meek should stop dissing Drake but I believe that “War Pain” is a heavy hitter! Although Meek focuses on Drake more than Drake does Meek, “War Pain” has a better production, better lines and it’s overall better rap! However, there are some conspiracies when it comes to this beef. The relation between both tracks are spot on and the way both of the tracks were released was perfect! It may be a publicity stunt with Nicki Minaj serving as glue between both parties! Only time will tell! Check out Meek Mill’s 4/4/ Part II below!

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