New MV: Coldplay – “Hymn For The Weekend” ft. Beyonce

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.02.39 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-29 at 12.04.43 PMFor the second single off of their forthcoming album Head Full Of Dreams, Coldplay team up with the likes of Beyonce! “Hymn For The Weekend” is a smooth, upbeat track was intended to be a party song but quickly changed into a beautiful track about having a good time. “I was chuckling about that, when this melody came, ‘drinks on me, drinks on me’, then the rest of the song came out. I presented it to the rest of the band and they said, ‘We love this song, but there’s no way you can sing “drinks on me.”‘ So that changed into ‘drink from me’ and the idea of having an angelic person in your life. Then that turned into asking Beyoncé to sing on it,” he explained in a recent interview with Billboard. In the magnificent video, Coldplay takes a trip to Mumbai, India capturing the beauty of the country. The video serves as a teaser to the groups forthcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show performance which includes an appearance from Beyonce! Are you excited? Check out Coldplay’s “Hymn For The Weekend” featuring Beyonce below!


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