New Music: Bebe Rexha – “Atmosphere”

"There isn't enough love in the atmosphere."

Bebe Rexha is another up and coming artist making here debut in 2016. Bebe Rexha is a singer/songwriter from New York that is known for hits such as Eminem’s “Monster” featuring Rihanna and David Guetta’s “Hey Mama”. Today, Bebe posted an unfinished anthem titled ‘Atmosphere” to her SoundCloud. On the smooth track Bebe serenates her lover with lost memories and broken promises. “There isn’t enough love in the atmosphere to keep you here,” she sings on a typically massive chorus. “There isn’t enough love in the atmosphere don’t leave me here.” While Bebe Rexha can be heard on G-Eazy’s current single “Me, Myself & I”, the singer is reportedly preparing her debut single “No Broken Hearts” featuring Nicki Minaj. I’m really looking forward to what kind of impact Bebe will have on mainstream music with her debut! Until then, soak up some Bebe Rexha with “Atmosphere” below!



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