Pharaoh Da Phenom Spits His Truth On ‘Without A Doubt II’ [Review]


The last time we linked up with Pharaoh Da Phenom, he was preparing his mixtape Without A Doubt II. After months of preparation, the Providence rapper finally delivers the 11-track project. While on #BennettKnowsRadio Pharaoh explained how he wanted to use his voice on this project,

“It’s hype music you can take a message from. I talk about things I see in the streets growing up, things I’ve experience with close friends of mine, enemies of mine and family issues. I try to talk about my city and promote the best image but show the real at the same time”.

Without A Doubt II kicks off with “Dollaz” which set the pace for the overall project. On the next track, “On Deck”, Pharaoh teams up with G Sav to deliver more hard-hitting, high-energy music. The next couple of tracks, “Harder” and “Passport” featuring Z100 Wave, are a couple of my favorite. While “Harder” serves up some inspiration, “Passport” serves some motivation for the rapper’s future. Before turning up on another one of my favorite cuts titled “Mando”, Pharaoh “Thanks God” over a smooth production from 84Music. On the next track, my overall favorite and what I would call the project’s “gem”, Pharaoh plugs in Tony Tuesday and King Kish to “Talk That Sh!t”. On the last few tracks, “FOREVER” featuring Tony Tuesday, “Vent”, another hard-hitting track and “Lights Out”, Pharaoh remains true to himself spitting about his experiences while owning his spot as a young rapper in this culture. The final track, “Over” featuring LeoMari, appropriately wraps up the project with another smooth production from 84Music. When it comes to production, producers 84 Music, Toyeast and Heartstoppas provide Pharaoh with hard-hitting, grimy sounds that flow throughout the entire project. While listening to Without A Doubt II, based on the content and sounds, I couldn’t help but reminisce on the music of the young Cash Money Millionaires. Overall, I believe that this project serves as Pharaoh’s truth as he spits about his experiences as they relate to the culture, relationships and loyalty. Pharaoh also shines light on the struggles he faced growing up in Providence and his spot in this culture. As he stated on the project, Pharaoh is the new face of this game and I agree with him! Make sure you get familiar! Check out Pharaoh Da Phenom’s #BennettKnowsRadio interview and new music below!

Listen To Pharaoh Da Phenom’s Without A Doubt II

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