7 Things We Learned From Future’s ‘Purple Reign’ [Review]

9e39f185Over the weekend, Future also released a mixtape titled Purple Reign. The release follows a very successful era for the rapper who dropped four projects (Beast Mode, 56 Nights, Dirty Sprite 2 and What A Time To Be Alive) in 2015. Purple Reign adds to the most recent wave of trap/turn-up music that Future has greatly influenced in the most recent years. However, fans have noted that the rapper took it back to his roots, specifically 2012’s Monster, with sounds and production from DJ Esco and Metro Boomin. Some of my favorite tracks from the mixtape include, “Wicked”, where Future provides enough energy to light-up any night out, “Inside The Mattress”, where Future professes his love for drugs and “Run Up”, another club-ready track with a bouncy production. Overall, Future is a turnt-up artist who cannot be stopped! Critics will note Future’s ability to impact culture while giving fans exactly what they want! What do you think? Let’s check out a few things we learned from Future’s Purple Reign below!

Listen To Future’s Purple Reign HERE!

“Drippin (How U Luv That)
Verse: Ain’t no pressure, got a drapper bustin’ diamonds
               If you care about her, put her in designer
Lesson: If you love her, put her in designer. It’s that simple.

635694042020695049-631276477_lriccOUvuWaS696pS8MkCm59N27Hr6KSPr-o1NYwTLRXOqsWo5TH3RH_1Ao-b-M_5rT17ygcwEwANsOMDtUJfD2JE-OYrPQB-XyI-RtQc0crYAWeD5PwaHOlsv4gQ6vYxdsQvgETrack: “Inside The Mattress”
Verse:  Got a hundred hoes, got a hundred Xans
                We gon’ party hard ’til the moon calls
                She done fell in love with the mushrooms
                And my college girls talkin’ kung-fu
                Put some cough syrup in a Mountain Dew
Lesson: Future Hendrix loves drugs. This we already knew but this verse solidifies it!

72f7d02a10d94b3db0b05d97e9ad47da.400x225x20Track: “Never Forget”
Verse:  I’m the nigga got your sister on the mollies and shit
               You can tell I ain’t the same cause I acknowledged the bitch
Lesson: If you’re a fan of molly, Future is your go to.

laterTrack: “Hater Sh*t”
Verse: El Chapo my idol
Lesson: Future looks up to the Mexican drug lord.

giphyTrack: “No Charge”
Verse: Drug dealers and strippers they in my entourage
               I’ma give them xans to you baby no charge
               Get that Perky to you no charge
               I give prescriptions to you no charge
              We gon’ have fun baby, no charge, yeah
Lesson: If you are a stripper and/or drug dealer, you can roll with Future. You will also get exclusive  access to all of his drugs! Go Kylie Jenner!

tumblr_lhe2v6KwEE1qh0j6so1_500Track: “Perkys Calling”
Verse: Pay me no mind, I ain’t payin’ no fine
               Everything I did was for my hood this whole time
               I’m talkin’ this whole time, for my hood this whole time
Lesson: Everything Future does is the big ATL!

1440117709esco__1_Track: All Of Them
Verse:  If Young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon shoot you
               DJ EscoMoeCity, the coolest DJ on the motherf*ckin’ planet
Lesson: DJ Esco is the coolest DJ on the planet.

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