New Music: Fetty Wap Wants To “Make You Smile”

Fetty Wap just wants to make you smile!

fetty-make-you-smileThere is no stopping Fetty Wap! After teaming up with Selena Gomez for the “Same Old Love (Remix)”, Fetty Wap releases a new single titled “Make You Smile”. On the track, the breakout artist strives to make a lovers day. “Hey girl, you know I pull up on you anytime! Trying to stretch you out like we ’bout to cross the finish line! Hustle all day, go back at home when it’s dinner time,” he croons over the Yung Lan power production. The track has all the ingredients of a “classic” Fetty Wap hit -a powerful production, catchy hook and an unknown feature! Just playing! Next month, the Remy Boy will kick off his “Welcome to the Zoo” tour in Silver Spring, Minnesota! Check out Fetty Wap’s “Make You Smile” featuring Bleek Blaze below!

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