New Music: Sticky Pacaveli Returns With “Keep Up”

Can you keep up?

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 5.06.28 PMThe last time Sticky Pacaveli released new music was early last year with “2015 Vibes”. Unfortunately, nothing much followed the release but as always, in due time! Earlier this week, Sticky made his return to music with a new vibe titled “Keep Up”. “I can’t keep up, I can’t keep up! Will someone ever show me love? Will someone even give a f*ck,” he spits on the hook. The track features an EDM-felt production from Toyeast and Mike Milas. Along with the new track comes a the first installment of an on-going vlog.

“In preparation of my upcoming project “Flavors”, My intention is to let the listeners in on who I am and the driving forces behind my creativity. Episode I is a semi description of how I got into creating music and “keep up” is a track build of the concept of constantly losing patience. If you consistently keep disappointing someone, eventually they’re going to run out patience with you. Thanks to my brother Toye crafting the sample and Mike Milas for putting the sound together. “

Based on the sound of “Keep Up”, I’m really looking forward to Sticky’s Flavors. What do you think about Sticky’s new sound? Can you keep up? Check out Sticky Pacaveli’s “Keep Up” below!

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