New Music: Fetty Wap Hops On Selena Gomez “Same Old Love”

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.11.50 PMAfter recruiting A$AP Rocky for her chart-topping single “Good For You”, Selena Gomez plugs in Fetty Wap for the “Same Old Love (Remix)”. On the track, the pop singer croons about getting over a broken relationship. In return, Fetty Wap responds to her with some apologetic verses. “Baby, and I don’t mean to make you cry! Baby, thought you were my ride or die,” he sings over the snapping beat. Currently Selena Gomez and Fetty Wap are preparing tours for later this year! What do you think of the remix? Check out the “Same Old Love (Remix)” featuring Fetty Wap below!

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