New Music: Cru Alxndr Kicks Off New Year With New Sound On “Everybody Rich”

"Everybody rich, everybody rich"

Everybody Rich ArtworkCru Alxndr kicks off the new year with a brand new sound on his new single “Everybody Rich”. “Everybody Rich” is a smooth track that blends elements from the funk genre with the addition of “honky-horns” to develop a mainstream yet hip-hop sound. On the track, Cru explores social themes as they relate to materialism. “Man look at that car he driving … oh man that n-gga got money. Look at that purse she holding … oh man shawty got dough,” he spits over the Rascal production. I think that this is a great way to kick off the new year and I wonder if this new sound will follow with Cru’s future releases. I mean, we are still awaiting that debut album! Until then, check out Cru Alxndr’s “Everybody Rich” below!

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