New MV: Life Imitates Art In Rick Ross’ “Sorry” ft. Chris Brown

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.35.58 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.37.06 AMFresh off of releasing his latest mixtape Black Dollars, Rozay continues to release new music with a track titled “Sorry”. This time around, the MMG frontman plugs in Chris Breezy to apologize to a love lost. “Sorry, won’t turn back the clock! Baby I took advantage cause I knew you, wouldn’t believe it, so I used you! I’m sorry, oh I’m sorry don’t make it right, I know,” Breezy spits on the chorus. “We at the crib, she got her legs wrapped around my waist! Conversation, she lick every tattoo that’s on my face! Like a thug, I just wanna fuck, that’s every day; temporary separations, confessing my mistakes! She packed her bags and left me home and I’m still hurt,” Rozay spits on his verse. In the video starring Rick Ross’ on and off lover Lira Galore, Ross makes love to two girls before they find out they’re not the only one in the relationship! Check out Rick Ross and Chris Brown in “Sorry” featuring below!

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