New Music: Skeme -“36 OZ” ft. Chris Brown

skeme-chris-36-oz (1)Chris Brown has been featured on a number of hot singles including Rita Ora’s “Body On Me”, French Montana’s “Moses” and Tinashe’s “Player”. Now the pop superstar is joining forces with an Inglewood rapper named Skeme for the remix of his current track “36 OZ”. “All I ever wanted was some Jordans and a gold chain! Now I need all thirty-six O’s out the whole thing! My watch be telling me I ain’t got time to play with hoes man,” the duo croon on the hook. “Chris and I recorded in the same studio for most of the last two years. He heard ’36 Oz’ while he was tour and was playing it every night. When he came back home he just told me he wanted to add to the record, and now we have it,” Skeme explained in a recent interview. Currently both Skeme and Chris Brown are preparing new projects for later this year! Check out Skeme’s “36 OZ (Remix)” featuring Chris Brown below!


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