New MV: K Camp – “1Hunnid” ft. Fetty Wap

k-camp-fetty-wapAfter delivering hits such as “Lil Bit” and “Comfortable”, Atlanta rapper K Camp follows-up with a new single titled “1 Hunnid”. On the track, featuring Fetty Wap, the duo find themselves spitting game to one of the finest females they’ve ever seen. “I’ll let you count my money baby, your one hunnid so that means you meet my standards baby. I got a lot of hoes, more than I can handle baby and I can’t even lie, your my kind of lady and that’s one hunnid baby,” Camps spits over the smooth production.  In the video, K Camp joins Fetty for a party in the Hills while his female friend hits the streets to handle business. K Camp’s debut Only Way Is Up consists of a wide variety of tracks featuring big names such as Bun B, Snoop Dogg, Jeremih, Fetty Wap, Yo Gotti, French Montana and others. If you’re a fan of “1 Hunnid” or any of K Camp’s other singles I advise you to check out the album! You won’t regret it! Check out K Camp and Fetty Wap in “1 Hunnid” below!

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