Ariana Grande Teases New Single “Focus”

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.46.03 AMIt’s been almost a month since Ariana Grande announced her new single “Focus”. Since then, the pop singer has been teasing the highly anticipated single more and more each day. Over the weekend, Grande gave fans a treat with her best teaser yet! In a video, released on twitter on October 25th, Ari stares into the camera as she repeats, “1, 2, 3 C’mon girls,”. Not only does this teaser reveal a high-quality audio sample of the single but it marks just 5 days (now 4 days) until “Focus” is released. Ariana Grande met international success with her sophomore album My Everything which forwarded the hit singles “Problem”, “Break Free”, “Love Me Harder” “Bang Bang” and, yes there’s an and, “One More Time”. The singer will follow-up with her third studio album Moonlight next year. Are you ready to focus? Check out Ariana Grande in the “Focus” teaser below!

1 Comment on Ariana Grande Teases New Single “Focus”

  1. Follow for follow? I run another Ari addict account 🙂


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