New MV: Jhene Aiko – “Lyin’ King”

jhene-aiko-lk (1)After delivering visuals to Souled Out tracks such as “Wading”, “Eternal Sunshine” and “Spotless Mind”, Jhene Aiko returns to the scene with visuals to one of my favorite tracks on the album! “Lyin King”, a pun on the popular movie, is about a player that doesn’t recognize a true love. “Okay, so you just, go around breaking hearts just to see what is inside! Go around stealing em, feeding em to your pride! Did you ever stop and think that I might really need that to stay alive?” she croons. In the video, Jhene plays a mysterious, time traveling medicine woman that makes her way to an ancient civilization to save their women and teach their men how to love. The video is a beautiful, psychedelic that matches the track perfectly! What do you think? Check out Jhene Aiko in “Lyin King” below!


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