New MV: Lorde Gets Hot And Heavy In Disclosure’s “Magnets”

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.32.28 PMAfter teaming up with Sam Smith to deliver “Latch” and “Omen”, UK duo Disclosure team up with Lorde for a new track titled “Magnets”. Last week , fans have got the chance to listen to the anticipated track after snippet leaked the web. Trading out their gloomy, electronic sound for a pop-felt production, the EDM producers plug in the “Royal” singer’s vibrant vocals for a smooth track about enjoying an undeniable attraction. “Dancing past the point of no return! Let go we can free ourselves of all we learned! I like this secret language that we’re speaking, say it to me! Let’s embrace the point of no return,” she croons. In the video, Lorde follows the trend of pop vixens such as Rihanna and Ellie Goulding as she seeks revenge on a cheating lover. Currently, Disclosure are working on their sophomore album, Caracal, which includes the hit single “Omen” and collaborations with big names such as The Weeknd and Miguel! Prepare for the point of no return! Check out Disclosure’s “Magnets” featuring Lorde below!


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