HOT Music: Wiz Khalifa – “King Of Everything”

1443421129_cf5caf885ff4a4dc7032856384d2b5d3Last night Wiz Khalifa unexpectedly dropped a new track titled “King Of Everything”. The track, produced by Taylor Gang producers Cozmo and ID Labs, has been dubbed as Wiz’ best track this year! “When I touch down, have that pack, you f*cking with me! F*ck the bitch once, she talkin’ about she love with me! Let her smoke weed, drink champagne, do drugs with me! We go out of town, dinner at,” he spits over the deep bass, EDM-sampled production. Following the release of “Burn Slow” featuring Rae Sremmurd and “No Social Media” featuring Snoop Dogg, “King Of Everything” may indeed be one of Wiz’ hardest hitting tracks yet! Wiz’ new album Rolling Papers 2: The Weed Album is well on the way! Check out “King Of Everything” below!

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