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Drake And Future’s ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ Is A Hit With Major Misses! [Album Review]

11950469_594073427400124_1638135576_nDrake and Future lit up the internet this past weekend with the surprise release of their collaboration project. In its early stages, the then-rumored project produced a false album cover, tracklisting and countdown website wishing it’s release into existence. With anticipation at an all time high, no wonder why the release of What A Time To be Alive caused such a storm. However, with both rappers being in their prime, What A Time To Be Alive is a certified hit with a few major misses. Fresh off of the release of their #1 albums, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and DS2, Drake and Future come together providing a project that follows past collaborations such as “DnF” and “Where Ya At?”. Kicking off the album with “Digital Dash”, Future sets the pace of the Metro Boomin power-production. On the forthcoming track, “Big Rings”, Drizzy steps forward, awkwardly spits over the grimy beat before Future comfortably returns to the space where he takes over until the tracks finished. On the next track, one of my favorite, “Diamonds Dancing”, the rappers finally come together to provide a smooth, collaborative piece which they ride-out through the following tracks “Scholarships” and another one of my favorites titled “Plastic Bag”. However, on the next track “I’m The Plug”, Future steps forward making Drake a bystander once again. On the following tracks, “Change Locations” and “Jumpman” the duo continue to play their roles on the collaboration but hardly return back to the neutral page they were both on earlier in the album. Interestingly, Future and Drake close the album delivering solo pieces with “Jersey” and “30 for 30 Freestyle” which further shows that each rapper was on their own wave during the production of this piece.

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The misses? Future and Drake are hardly ever on the same page throughout What A Time To Be Alive. Many songs sound like Future with a sprinkle of Drake. While Future comfortably rides out the Metro Boomin production, receiving twice the airtime, Drake seems like a bystander who provides his own individual flow when asked. Not only does the sound of the project fall short of a collaborative piece, but so does its content. Both rappers stay in their own lane like there wasn’t a real goal when making this project. According to Billboard, “There’s no transcendent moment here, because the project is essentially a meeting of opposites who mostly stay in their lanes. Both artists broadcast internal monologues of tangled self-loathing and mammoth boasts via meme-worthy exultations, but Future is about confession as therapy where Drake uses emotion as performance art.” Whereas What A Time To Be Alive could have been a game changer, the project seemingly serves as a bonus CD to the artist’ earlier projects and that may be all it needs to be! Drake and Future recorded the album in six days! Maybe this is just a piece for the fans. In that case, What A Time To Be Alive is no Watch The Throne as people compared in the early stages. However, fans will definitely enjoy listening to their favorite rappers go at it proving that collaborative pieces are a usual success. What A Time To Be Alive is expected to sell 500K units in the first week! However, listening to this project has me asking, “where is Views From The Six? The project that really matters!” Check out Drake and Future’s What A Time To Be Alive below! 

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