New Music: Manolo Rose – “Super Flexin (Remix)” ft. French Montana

Screen-Shot-2015-09-14-at-9.33.38-PMLast night, Funkmaster Flex dropped bombs with the remix to Manolo Rose’s “Super Flexin”. As if the track wasn’t hard enough, Manolo plugs in French Montana to show us how to flex. “I’m a different kind of n*gga, coke dealer my profession! Thousand dollar salad dressing, call that super flexin’,” Manolo spits over the Fame School Slim power production. French also takes us to the flex zone with a flaming verse, “Made my first hunnid off the blow, then I made my first mil with Ross! Now you see me with Diddy flexin’, from the South Bronx counting all my blessings”. Currently Manolo Rose is in the studio working on a game changing project with Reazy Renegade! Welcome to the flex zone! Check out Manolo Rose’s “Super Flexin'” featuring Manolo Rose below!

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