Naughty Boy Teams Up With Beyonce For “Runnin’ (I Lose It All)”

beyonce-naughty-boy-runnin-lose-it-all-560x560This morning, Naughty Boy surprised fans when he revealed that his newest single “Runnin’ (I Lose It All)” features global superstar Beyonce and a relatively unknown pop star named Arrow Benjamin. “33 hours… Beyonce, Arrow Benjamin, #LoseItAll,” he tweeted. In a teaser video posted a few hours later we get a glimpse of the moving track. “Nothing else matter now that you’re not here so where are you? I’ve been calling you! I wanna see you,” Bey belts out over the smooth Naughty Boy production. “Runnin’ (I Lose It All)” is due for release tomorrow night! I’m sure as the countdown continues, Naughty Boy will disclose more information! Until then, check out Naughty Boy’s “Runnin’ (I Lose It All)” teaser below!


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