New Music: Pusha T Delivers Snaps On Hit-Boy’s “Bussin’ Moves” ft. Quentin Miller

hit-boy-zoominHit-Boy is bussin moves! Yesterday the “Clique” producer delivered a 5-track EP titled Zoomin. Amongst the grimy productions comes a standout record titled “Bussin Moves” featuring Pusha T and Quentin Miller. Over an Vivaldi-esque string production comes a hot verse from Pusha, Quentin and even Hit-Boy himself. That’s how the game go! Slip two racks to the waiter, she can keep the change tho! Zoomin in my line, ho, that’ll never stop! They love my shit when it drop, I’m the ghetto Bach,” he spits. “Zoomin’ is more than music, it is a movement all about forward motion. I want to inspire people to do what they do to the fullest and keep moving forward, no matter what life throws your way,” he explained. I’m looking forward to what Hit-Boy has in store for the future! Check out Hit-Boy’s “Bussin’ Moves” below!

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