Evolution: A Note For The Readers

cropped-bennettknows-banner1.jpgBennettKnows For #BennettKnowsRadioDear “Know-It-Alls”, Supporters & Readers Alike,

The last year has been an amazing experience for myself and all the the people involved in BennettKnows. From #AllOfTheLights to #TheThrowback and everything in between, I have learned that anything is possible and the greatest reward is watching your dreams come true and sharing them with the people that you love. Back in September, I made a promise to myself and all my supporters that I will work harder and stay committed to the craft that I started back in 2011. Nonetheless, I will be using the next few weeks to make the transitions necessary for taking the next step towards my dreams. Although I won’t be active on a day-to-day basis, I will continue to learn and grow in radio broadcasting as I work with the team behind the scenes to prepare a comeback for the fall. I’m looking forward to the next chapter in BennettKnows! Expect the greatest!

Much love,

#BennettKnowsRadio Presents: “All Of The Lights”

#BennettKnowsRadio Presents: “All That”

Coming Soon …

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