New MV: Rita Ora Takes Us On A Romantic Trip In “Poison”

1083026_m3w620h372q75s1v10688_2015-06-03_12_35_45-RITA_ORA_-_Poison_-_YouTube Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.05.10 PMRita Ora finally released her new single! Scratch out the widely reported single “Testosterone” and fill it in with “Poison”. This time around, the UK singer hits us with heavy-hitting, sentimental love song. “I could have my beer for breakfast, my sanity for lunch! Trying to get over how bad I want you so much,” Ora croons over the smooth EDM production.  In the video, Ora plays a hippy who is scouted by a photographer who takes her to heights. However, Rita realizes that it is love that she really wants. The video is beautiful and very symbolic to the young divas lifestyle! Rita Ora is currently working on her sophomore album. After releasing the single “I Will Never Let You Down”, she was forced to scrap the anticipated album when ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris claimed all of the rights to the project. I like the carefree sound Ora’s providing us with! I’d like to hear some hard-hitting pop tracks for the summer. What’s you poison? Check out Rita Ora’s “Poison” below!

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