New Music: Natalie La Rose Plugs In Fetty Wap For “Around The World”

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.48.55 PMAfter making her debut with the Top 10 hit “Somebody” featuring Jeremih, Dutch songstress Natalie La Rose returns to the scene with her new single “Around The World” featuring hit-boy Fetty Wap! Like “Somebody”, “Around The World” is a smooth, upbeat party-track for the radio! “If I was your girl, I’d give it to you all around the world!” Natalie croons over the high-energy production. New Jersey rap crooner provides a verse himself, “Hey, check out my master plan! I’ll call you around ten, I’ll pay you everything! I’m talkin’ ’bout being over here baby, love all over the sand, babe! There’s trouble all over the world, just me and my girl”. Currently, Natalie La Rose is preparing for the release of her debut album! Do you think this single will rise to the top of the charts? Check out Natalie La Rose’s “Around The World” featuring Fetty Wap below!

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