Lil Mama Makes A Return With “Sausage”

screen-shot-2015-05-29-at-01-21-40Earlier this week I was watching Lil Mama’s infamous interview with Power 106’s Breakfast Club where Charlamaigne wouldn’t leave the level-headed femcee alone. Yesterday, the Brooklyn rapper finally returned with a follow-up single titled “Sausage”. “Eggs, bacon, grits, sausage! You better use a condom if you takin’ it! All these broke ni**as that be on my sausage need to hop off,” she rap over the nostalgic, throwback beat. The lyrics are packed with references to songs such as “Trap Queen” and “Flicka Da Wrist”. In the video, the femcee delivers high-energy choreography as she channels the likes of Madonna, Mary J. Blige and TLC. While the hook may seem awful, the “Lip Gloss” rapper delivers some impressive bars. Although fans and critics a plaguing the comeback with negativity, I think Lil Mama delivered a unique track while staying true to herself! What do you think? Check out Lil Mama’s “Sausage” below!



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