A$AP Rocky Releases ‘At. Long. Last. A$AP’ A Week Early! [Album Review]

alla-coverOver the last couple of weeks A$AP Rocky has been building the anticipation of his sophomore album At Long Last A$AP a.k.a A.L.L.A. with tracks such as “Lorde Pretty Flacko Joyde II”, “L$D” and “Everyday”. The project’s back story, following the death of producer A$AP Yams and tracklisting, which includes big names Kanye West and Lil Wayne was enough to push fans and critics over the edge. Following the strategic release of Kendrick Lamar with To Pimp A Butterfly comes a new A$AP Rocky with the unexpected release of a highly developed project. “I felt the need to show people who I was. I’m like an underground king. I would love to be in the shoes of something underground, something real, substance. When it comes down to the second album, I wanted to prove to people I could have mainstream success. [However] I want to make songs that will reflect my mood everyday. Right now, when it comes to my art, I want you to remember something a little more honorable,” he explained upon the new album. The album opens up with “Holy Ghost” which sets the pace for the rest of the album. On the following tracks “Canal St.” and my favorite “Fine Whine” featuring Future and MIA, A$AP reflects on his past comparing it to his present experiences. The next track “L$D” takes listeners on a psychedelic, love-inspired trip through A$AP’s current livelihood. The following tracks, “Excuse Me” and “JD” follows the album’s overall theme, introducing Lorde Pretty Flacko who makes his debut halfway through the album. On the next tracks, a couple of the most notable, “Electric Body” and “Jukebox Joints”, Rocky plugs in Schoolboy Q and Kanye West respectively. Over a “Peter Piper” drum sample, A$AP pays homage to his influences on “Max B”. A$AP finds himself amongst media’s fire today for a track titled “Better Things” in which he harshly disses UK singer Rita Ora. “I swear that bitch Rita Ora got a big mouth! Next time I see her might curse the bitch out! Kicked the bitch out once ’cause she bitched out! Spit my kids out, jizzed up all in her mouth and made the bitch bounce,” he spits on the second verse. Other notable tracks include an updated version of “M$” featuring Lil Wayne, the smooth single “Everyday” featuring Miguel, Rod Stewart and Mark Ronson. The project appropriately closes with “Back Home” a beautifully haunting track featuring Mos Def, A-Cyde and the late A$AP Yams. Overall, A$AP Rocky’s A.L.L.A. is a wonderful shift from his debut Long. Live. A$AP. that showcases his work as an artist. The album successfully blurs the lines between artistry and respectability making A$AP Rocky one of the most relevant rappers in the game!

A$AP Rocky – “Lorde Pretty Flocko Jodye II”

A$AP Rocky – “L$D” 

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