Drake Changes “Madonna” Lyrics To “Rihanna” At Recent Concert

f5e6d582eb9372990843f933bea684af48Drake has had enough with Madonna! After kissing Drake at Coachella a couple a months ago, Madonna dissed the rap god. During a Q&A on Romeo’s Saturday Night Online, one fan asked Madge if Drake was a good kisser. “You asked the million dollar question,” she explained. “I kissed a girl and I liked it,” she continued. Later on in the interview, a fan asked if she would give a young Madonna any advice. “Don’t kiss Drake. No matter how many times he begs you,” she responded. Definitely not the response we expected! Drake’s firing back at the Queen of Pop. Yesterday during a performance of If Your Reading This It’s Too Late track “Madonna”, Drizzy changed the lyrics from “Madonna” to “Rihanna”. That is, instead of rapping, “You could be as big as Madonna,” he said, “You could be as big as Rihanna.” It’s unsure what Drake’s intentions were but according to media outlets, the ex-couple have been polite toward each other and may be making new music! Time will tell what will come out of this one! Check out Drake’s performance of “Madonna” “Rihanna” below!

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