Memorial Day Weekend May Include A New Jay Z & Nicki Minaj Collaboration!

According to MTVNews, this Memorial Day weekend may include a brand new collaboration between Jay Z and Nicki Minaj! Last time the duo teamed up was when Nicki delivered her best verse to date on Kanye West’s 2010 hit, “Monster”. Earlier this week, a fan asked Nicki when an anticipated Jay ZxNicki Minaj collaboration would be released to which she responded, “3 days”, before quickly deleting it. This is exciting news! However, what is even more exciting is speculation leading to a brand new Jay Z album. It all makes sense! The collaboration wouldn’t come from Nicki Minaj because she just put out her chart-topping album The Pinkprint. Also, Jay Z just launched Tidal. Why wouldn’t he release a new album on the music streaming site to increase sales? The last time Jay Z released an album was back in 2013’s with Magna Carter Holy Grail. I think it’s time for that follow-up! Don’t you? Only time will tell! Enjoy your weekend! Check out Kanye West, Rick Ross, Jay Z and Nicki Minaj in Monster below!


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