POP Music: Janelle Monae – “YOGA” ft. Jidenna

Yoga_Cover_Art1_Janelle_MonaeLast night I was watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and was introduced to today’s POP sound! During the show, Janelle Monae hit the stage to perform her new single “YOGA”. This time around, the soul singer hits us with a mainstream track that we can bump and grind to. “I wanna last, wanna last forever! I wanna dance, dance, dance all night! Baby bend over, baby bend over Baby bend over, let me see you do that yoga,” she sings over the hard-hitting beat! While the track varies from her usual sound, it showcases her versatility and perhaps a sound she will continue to explore. Our favorite “classic man”, Jidenna, makes an appearance on the track with a smooth verse of his own! Overall, amazing song that will definitely have you breaking out the moves this summer! Check out Janelle Monae’s “YOGA” featuring Jidenna below!

[P.S. I’m a college graduate! Over the next couple of weeks I will be working both in front and behind the curtain! I’m currently developing the next chapter of this exciting journey! I’ll keep you updated Know-It-Alls!] 



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