Rita Ora’s New Single “Testosterone” Comes Out Next Week

New Music: Rita Ora - "I Will Never Let You Down"It’s been awhile since Rita Ora released new music. Upon releasing her latest single “I Will Never Let You Down”, the UK singer had to scrap her sophomore album due to a messy breakup with ex boyfriend Calvin Harris. Since then, Rita was forced to hit the studio to reconstruct the anticipated album. Excitingly, Rita used Twitter to announce her return to the scene, “Guyyysss so excited to announce my new single will be on UK radio on the 18th!!”. The follow-up single, “Testosterone”, is rumored to be a hard-hitting pop track produced for radio success. Lately, I’ve been thinking, “Yeah Rita Ora’s pretty and all but can she just make some music?” I guess it’s time for Rita Ora to make that comeback!  “Testosterone” hits the airwaves on Sunday, May18th!


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