Miguel Returns With “Coffee (F**king)” ft. Wale

3febb75b9e1c603eb2d1e78df1617535.500x500x1After unexpectedly surprising fans with his three-track EP ‘WILD’, Miguel finally releases his new single “Coffee (F**king)”. Unlike the wild EP, “Coffee (F**king)” is a smooth, upbeat love song featuring the LA native’s smooth vocals. “Wordplay, turns in to gun play, and gun play turns into pillow talk, and pillow talk turns into sweet dreams, sweet dreams turns into fucking in the morning”, he croons. Wale makes an appearance on the track, “Emulate 50 Shades over Jodeci grooves! But I’m joking, I’m tryna sing your body that notion If nobody throw me a float, then I’ma drown in the ocean”. Miguel has been down-low since the release of his 2012 album Kaleidoscope Dream. “Been hiding out for a year. This time around I’m not playing.”, Miguel explained of the forthcoming third album, Wild Heart, due for release next month. Check out Miguel’s “Coffee (F**king)” featuring Wale below!


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