Madonna Disses Drake: “Don’t Kiss Drake. No Matter How Many Times He Begs You”

screen-shot-2015-04-12-at-11-27-03-pmThey say you should never kiss and tell but as we know, Madonna’s a rebel! Last month, Madonna rocked the world when she kissed Drake during his Coachella set. After a month of speculation, the queen of pop is speaking up! During a Q&A on Romeo’s Saturday Night Online, one fan asked Madge if Drake was a good kisser. “You asked the million dollar question,” she explained. “I kissed a girl and I liked it,” she continued. Later on in the interview, a fan asked if she would give a young Madonna any advice. “Don’t kiss Drake. No matter how many times he begs you,” she responded. Definitely not the response we expected! During Drake’s Coachella performance, the two locked lips before Drizzy blurted, “Oh sh*t! What just happened!?” Although he looked disgusted, Drake took to Twitter to clear up the speculation. “Don’t misinterpret my shock! I got to make out with the queen Madonna!”. What do you think? Although Drake look disgusted with the passionate make-out session, I believe Madonna knows what she’s doing! The interview includes some other gems on people Madonna would like to collaborate with, her forthcoming tour and more! Check out Madonna’s Q&A on Romeo’s Saturday Night Online below!

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