Ciara Is A New Woman With Sixth Album ‘Jackie’ [Album Review]

ciara-jackie-coverFor the last year, R&B singer Ciara has been in the public eye for her personal life more than her music. Between becoming a mother and a messy break-up with ex-fiance Future, Ciara has become a new woman and her new album Jackie proves it. While the album’s lead single “I Bet” waves the flag of heartbreak amongst the controversy, the album offers much more than expected. “It is my favorite album I have made thus far in my career, and I’m so excited to begin my new journey. It is a new me, a new attitude,” she explained to Billboard. The album opens up with the high energy, hard-hitting oath to her mother titled “Jackie (B.M.F)”. The confidence, themes explored and profanity used (bad-mother-fu**ker; hence BMF), on the track showcase Ciara’s new attitude and confidence which sets the pace for the rest of the album. On the next track, Ciara plugs in Pitbull and Missy Elliott for another high-energy track titled “That’s How I’m Feelin'”. While the album plays on Ciara’s strength of filling the dance floor with natural club bangers, CiCi also provides smooth R&B felt bangers for the bedroom; “Lullaby” and my favorite “Dance Like We’re Making Love”. Before delivering Future-inspired ballads “Fly” and “I Bet”, Ciara picks up the pace with the smooth, attitude-packed track “Stuck On You”. Other notable mentions include the EDM-powered “Give Me Love”, another smooth pop-track titled “Kiss & Tell” and “One Woman Army”, a hard-hitting track made for the likes of a dancer. Appropriately, Ciara closes the album with a lovely lullaby for her son Future Jr. titled “I Got You”. Overall, Jackie is well-pieced together project that showcases Ciara’s growth as a woman. Although the album won’t make any more of an impact on mainstream media than the lead-single “I Bet” did, the album is definitely worth a listen. While TIME magazine applauds Ciara for “staying in her lane”, SPIN magazine notes that she’s stronger than ever, especially without Future. Ciara is a one woman army, mother, and bad mother f**cker! Overall great album that will please fans and critics alike!

Ciara – “I Bet” 

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