Olivia King Talks #SouledInAmerica Tour On #BennettKnowsRadio

Olivia King Talks #SouledInAmerica Tour On #BennettKnowsRadioWhere heart-felt soul and exciting pop/hip-hop music meet, comes a talented Rhode Island singer/songwriter named Olivia King. Last month, Olivia King stopped by #BennettKnowsRadio to talk about her current ‘Souled In America’ tour. Over the last year, Olivia has planned a 15-20 stop tour that will allow her to explore her artistry while collaborating with talented artists throughout New England and the tri-state area. As Olivia showcases the wide range of the music she released over the last few years, she will plug in a handful of talented artists for each stop. “Whether you’re in the music industry or not. It’s just going to be fun to listen to real good music. You’re not going to come and think ‘This is crap’. I really worked hard to find really good acts.”, she explained. #BennettKnowsRadio was able to make it to the first show earlier this month and was impressed by the shows turn-out. Assisted by local singers Manny X, Lexx Casey, Rodda J and Genevieve, Olivia King and her O.K. Crew provided genuine entertainment for 2 hours. Performing tracks such as “Forbidden Fruit” and “Shawty For Life” off of the debut mixtape O.K. and new releases such as “All Night” ft. Jeff Replay and her current single “Like We Were In Love” ft. Maye Starr, Olivia took us on an exciting trip that showcased her development as an artist.

During her interview, Olivia explained that she is exploring her artistry, shifting from the R&B/Hip-Hop genre to POP music. “Eventually if R&B is where my passion is, I can always go back to that”, she stated. In comparison to Pink who started as a R&B singer, eventually making it to Alternative Rock, Olivia King hopes that her entry point is pop based off of her look and personality. Overall, Olivia King’s Souled In America tour will be an exciting experience for everyone involved. Not only will Olivia be able to network and promote herself to different markets, she’ll ultimately be able to learn and grow as an artist in a fun and innovative way! Olivia King and the O.K. Crew take their talents to Woodbridge, Connecticut this weekend! You can follow-up with Olivia King at OliviaKingMusic.com Check out Olivia King’s #BennettKnowsRadio interview below!

Olivia King Covers Kanye West’s “Only One” on #BennettKnowsRadio

#BennettKnowsRadio Interviews Olivia King 

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