Why Rihanna Is The Queen Of Social Media: A Look At Her Brand New Snapchat!

Why Rihanna Is The Queen Of Social Media: A Look At Her Brand New Snapchat! If you want to keep up with Rihanna’s fascinating life on social media, you now have the option of following her on Snapchat. Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive 1-10 second photos and videos. Earlier this month, the 27-year old pop singer joined the social media site and just like everything she touches, it is pure as gold! Not pure like the virgin Mary but pure like “bad-gal Riri”. Whether the “Bitch Better Have My Money” songstress is fishing for dinner or twerking before she zips through the jungle, you will find it on Snapchat. With social media becoming the medium of staying connected, Rihanna’s team understands the importance of taking advantage of each and every platform. And just like Instagram, Rihanna has executed the relatively new application proving that she is the queen of social media.


At the height of Instagram came an unapologetic Rihanna posting photos of each and every moment of both her professional and personal. In full documentation of her exciting life, Rihanna would post series of photos allowing her to connect with fans and critics alike. If you go through her Instagram today, you’ll find a series high quality photos of herself fishing for dinner following her most recent spread in V magazine. Both very fascinating photos for the Navy but different in content. This is what makes Rihanna the queen of social media. She takes it seriously. Using a photographer for personal, capturing high-quality photos to meet her fandoms cravings and professional, for the likes of collaborators and endorsers, the team takes advantage of the platform for business.


This morning I woke up to Barbadian beauty enjoying a vacation somewhere in Hawaii. Amongst the 10-second clips comes Rihanna showing off her custom made Timberland boots as she prepared for an exciting zipline through the jungle. A couple days ago she fished for dinner wearing new Puma from head to toe, an endorsement for the athletic brand that she works with. It wouldn’t be Rihanna if there wasn’t controversy! Earlier this month Rihanna caught heat for allegedly doing cocaine in one of the videos she posted to the social media site. Media soaked up the story when the singer shot back at the allegations. Whether it’s self-promo, endorsements or controversy, RiRi already has the Snapchat game on lock! Rihanna is a prime example of the benefits of social media in a world where creativity and business meet commerce driven by technology. As we move forward, I’d like to see how other entertainers and businesses take advantage of the new trend!

Rihanna – “Bitch Better Have My Money” 

Snapchat Footage Courtesy of (@therih.up)

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