New Music: A$AP Rocky Releases New Track “M’$’

New Music: A$AP Rocky - "M'$' Over the weekend, A$AP Rocky released a new track tilted “M’$”. On the Mike Dean production, Rocky celebrates his self-made success as he observes his past successes including his healthy bank account and numerous Youtube views. “It’s like lately all I seem to think about is M’s, nigga! Talkin’ ’bout M’s! See the same thing all up in my bank account and my YouTube account say the same amount! M’s, nigga, talkin’ ’bout M’s,” he spits over the grimy production. Earlier this year, A$AP released the first single, “Pretty Flacko Joyde II”, off his forthcoming sophomore album At.Long.Last.A$AP. the forthcoming project includes work with Juicy J, Danger Mouse and the late A$AP Yams. I’m looking forward to the new project! With the most recent releases, I’m impressed with the sound and look forward to seeing where Rocky takes us next! Let’s talk about Msssss! Check out A$AP Rocky’s “M’s” below!


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