Iggy Azalea And Britney Spears Prepare New Single “Pretty Girls”

Iggy Azalea And Britney Spears Prepare New Single As much as hip-hop fans would like, I-G-G-Y won’t be saying bye any time soon! Last week, the Australian rapper hit the streets of Los Angeles to shoot the video to highly-anticipated comeback single “Pretty Girls” featuring pop-legend Britney Spears. Iggy Azalea describes the forthcoming single as a summertime banger and it sounds like it’s going to kill the airwaves! “In turn, it’s kind of really evolved into something that I was just featured on originally, into really a true duet, where I’m on the chorus with her… she has her verses and I have my verse, but it’s not just me kind of popping in it. It really is a duet. And I love that,” she explained. In the video, directed by Iggy, the blonde-headed beauties hit the beautiful streets of Los Angeles to show us how pretty girls party. “I’ve been texting her, annoying her with all my ideas for the video and she’s been a really good sport about it, so I’m really excited,” she revealed. “Pretty Girls” can serve as the hit that will allow the Iggy to revive her image amongst never-ending controversy following her debut The New Classic. Do you think Iggy has what it takes!? “Pretty Girls” is due for release later on this month! Check out snippets and footage of the duo’s “Pretty Girls” below!

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